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    Leave One Gift Behind this Holiday: Extra Weight

    The best gift you can give yourself this holiday season is actually nothing… give yourself the very rare but very desired gift of NOT gaining any weight! The truth...

    • 12/22/2016
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  • You Gotta be Sitting Me

    Remember in history class when we learned all about our caveman, nomadic, hunter-gatherer ancestors and how they sat at their cave desks all day, and sat in their Flintstones-mobile...

    • 12/08/2016
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  • Better Sleep Means Better Weight Loss

    If we said you can sleep your way to a slimmer body, what would you call us? Crazy? Silly? Nuts? What about right? Would you call us right? …...

    • 12/01/2016
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  • Breast Cancer and the Importance of Self Exam

    While everyone has their mind on delicious turkey breasts this Thanksgiving, we have our minds firmly set on women’s breasts… mainly, saving them! Breast cancer is now the most...

    • 11/24/2016
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  • colon cleanse
    Constipation? Don’t Get Stuck… Fix Your Digestion!

    It may not be the coolest thing to talk about, but that doesn’t make a conversation about constipation any less important! It’s time to get it out… (the conversation...

    • 11/18/2016
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