Paleo, Healthy Cooking… and Microwave Cookies.

By on 11/06/2013
Microwave Cookie

Another aspect of my life I am including in this blog is nutrition/cooking, but not because I enjoy it. I want to be honest with you, dear internet. The internet is always honest, right? I feel I should be no different. I enjoy the IDEA of clean, healthy eating, but I do not enjoy the execution. I feel lost in the kitchen. I hate cooking and even worse, I hate making a mess. Regardless, my laziness is not a good enough excuse to gorge on fast food or 10 for $10 frozen meals. I am smart enough to recognize this isn’t healthy living, and it’s definitely not a habit I want my son to learn. As such, I strive to do my best to cook healthy, fresh, from scratch meals for the family. They do their best to enjoy it. Since husband is still a dedicated Crossfitter, we mostly stick with the legally required diet for all Crossfitters: Paleo. A very quick explanation of this diet is no carbs of any kind (not even potatoes), no dairy of any kind, no legumes, and no sweets/sugars of any kind. Even fruit is limited. It’s basically a free for all with as much meat and veggies as you can think to cook. I’ll save the time and not go into more details about the whys and benefits of this diet and will instead link you to these two sites: (A collaborative blog with a few writers) and

If you do a quick search for Paleo you will find thousands of sites and I’m sure most of them are great, but these two have been my favorites for recipes. Also, some of these bloggers are women, which proves this isn’t just a “caveman” diet. It is a “caveperson” diet, OK? Women who Crossfit and eat Paleo will not turn into the hulk. They WILL look and feel amazing though. Until they hurt themselves.. but that goes for both sexes. Trust me when I say TAKE IT SLOW!

Now, for a bit of a deeper confessional. Even though I feel great, strong, healthy, and look my best on the Paleo diet – I just can’t stick to it 100%. The thing is, I LOVE SWEETS. OMG HOLY COW YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. Husband knows that when he messed up or I have had a rough day, don’t bring home flowers, bring home cookies! Lots of cookies. I can’t be trusted on my own when it comes to sweets. When hubby travels and there is no disapproving look of judgement in sight err, accountability, I will gorge on sweets.

But I hate cooking, remember? Baking falls under that category since it includes appliances and proper ingredients and measuring and some form of kitchen instinct. I lack such instinct.

Lucky for me, there is Pinterest! So bountiful and full of helpful tips!

Last week hubby was out of town, baby was asleep, and mommy was jonesing for something sweet. Recently I’ve seen a ton of pins on Pinterest for microwave cookies, like here and here and here, ad nauseam to infinity and beyond. This has my name all over it for two reasons: it’s easy and it’s forced portion control! Not only do I not have to make and bake a dozen cookies, but I also don’t have to eat a dozen cookies. (What? Give away or throw out what I don’t want? Psshh! My friends and family are far better at self control than I, and I’m pretty sure throwing out extra cookies is a sin punishable by eternity in hell. I would have no choice but to eat every cookie at once.)

But! There is a catch. You see, being a non-baker, I don’t even have all of the required ingredients for something as simple as a microwave cookie. Also, I forgot to mention that in addition to mostly following Paleo when cooking meals, we also eat gluten free when we do stray from the diet. Why? Because it’s trendy and all the rage? Well, kind of, I guess. But also hubby has a legitimate gluten intolerance. If he eats it he won’t die, but he will suffer. In fact, we allll suffer, if ya catch my drift. My point being I don’t even have a simple bag of flour laying neglected in the back of the pantry. Womp womp…

Oh but wait! Happy serendipitous day! On this particular night of craving I just happened to have pre-mixed gluten free cookie dough that I impulsively bought because OMG GLUTEN FREE COOKIE DOUGH! Yes! Craving saved! The Pinterest plan may proceed.

In retrospect I could have just followed the instructions on the container and properly baked just one cookie in the toaster oven or something, but the Pinterest experiment sounded more fun! So, how did it turn out? Did Anna successfully create a delicious, Pinterest inspired dessert without any actual work? Was she able to satisfy that devilish sweet tooth? HAS SHE DISCOVERED WORLD PEACE?

I’ll let this brief real-time photo essay tell the story. No words necessary, really.

Gluten Free Cookie Dough

Single Serving Cookie

Cookie Smoosh

Microwave the cookie

Microwave Cookie

Burnt Cookie

Gross Cookie


and….. the verdict is….


Disgusting Cookie








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