Poppy Seeds to Cure Insomnia?

By on 09/22/2016

Poppy Seeds better sleepBelieve it or not, over 60 million people suffer from insomnia… and that number is on the rise!

Many experts contribute this alarming statistic to our new modern, digital age of countless work hours, poor diets, hand held device use and increased TV consumption, and the general zombification of society that throws our natural biological rhythms right out the window.

While this should concern you, it’s nothing to lose sleep over (pun fully intended!) because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, right?

What do we mean? Simply that for every potential issue you feel may be popping up in your life, there is a way to address it, naturally and holistically.

Because insomnia and other sleep disorders are mostly attributed to stress, worry, chronic pain, and anxiety (all of which can be brought on by a demanding lifestyle or chronic illness), one of the best natural treatments is poppy seeds.

Yes, poppy seeds!

Poppy Seeds and Better Sleep

Poppy seeds contain opiates, and can be harvested in 2 ways: when they are ripe or when they are still green and young. The latter is used to make a little drug known as opium, so we will not discuss that! However, ripened poppy seeds are safely used in cooking, recipes, garnish and in natural health… and have been for thousands of years!Poppy for insomnia

The mild sedative/tranquilizing affect poppy has on us is the perfect natural treatment for insomnia and sleep disorders. It can sooth sore muscles, calm worried minds, relieve pain and help you achieve deep, restorative sleep.

Lab tests have shown that after one poppy seed drink cortisol levels (which are associated with stress) drop significantly, and imbalanced circadian rythms in subjects with sleep disorders showed marked improvements and patients reported better sleep.

Poppy seeds are also highly nutritious, full of vitamins and minerals and can be added to smoothies, breads, and other recipes to encourage overall better health.

In addition to using the seeds in cooking, the other common way to ingest poppy to treat insomnia is through organic poppy tea, which is a great way to get a good dose of poppy, along with the benefit of a warm, calming cup of tea at bedtime. We suggest drinking your poppy tea with some added milk, as the tryptophan in the milk will also help to calm and relax you. poppy tea with milk

There is one catch though. You’ve probably heard a rumor or two about people eating poppy seeds on a bagel or muffin and then testing positive on a drug test. While we would love to scoff at this, it’s actually true! If you consume enough poppy seeds, poppy tea and other forms of legal poppy, a drug test could actually come up as a false positive. However, because this is a known issue, if this were to ever actually happen, the level of opioids in your blood would be low enough to indicate that you probably just had a delicious muffin, and a retest can usually be ordered.

The best way to prevent a false positive is to only consume properly harvested and rinsed poppy seeds. Cooking them also removed most of the addictive codeine and morphine.

If you think about it, of course poppy seeds are a fantastic solution to insomnia and other sleep problems. They contain sedatives that when used safely, have major health benefits, but are so reliable that if used incorrectly, they can actually become an illegal substance!

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