The Problem with Plans…

By on 02/14/2014

The problem with plans is that, at least for me, Murphy’s Law always takes the opportunity to squash them.

You know all those well intended plans I had to make healthier sweets for my sweetie and I?

Hard to do that when you’re knocked out by allergies. Or is it a cold…

What do I have? I DON’T KNOW!

Runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, congestion, exhaustion… you know all the symptoms of a cold… or allergies.

I know I am sensitive to pollen, and this is the pollen report for my area as of yesterday, when I started feeling that sting and itch in my nose and sinus:


So today when I woke up feeling worse, and I knew the pollen count was even higher, I just sort of assumed that yeah, it’s allergies.

Did I mention I have a pretty big oak tree in my front yard? And that it is currently DUMPING pollen all over my yard?

Oak Tree Pollen

So it’s probably allergies, right?

But I rarely react this strongly to trees. I had an allergy test done in the past and the results were “eh… you’re kind of allergic, I guess. I’d call it more of a sensitivity. You may just get a scratchy throat.”

And honestly, I do! I get an itchy, or scratchy throat a few times a year, and it just goes away after a week or so. (How many of you just got the Itchy and Scratchy Show song stuck in their heads. Not intentional! Also not sorry!)

This is much more than that. So does that mean it’s a cold?


Which is it?? Do I treat for a cold or allergy?

I wouldn’t usually care so much and would just let this ride its course, but right now I just can’t. I have a ton of work on my plate, plus a weekend filled with Valentine’s Day and Birthday Surprises planned by hubby. He even has his mom driving in from the other coast to babysit the toddler so we can go out all weekend.


So what do I do? I couldn’t sleep it off last night, so now I need to do more!

Allergy and cold meds are off the table. They just are right now.

I want to do this naturally.

I did some Googling (one of my favorite pastimes) and found that a lot of the natural remedies for colds and allergies are the same.  So I am going to try them all in hopes they will knock out whatever this is. Coldergy. I shall call it a coldergy.

Remedy #1: Saline solution up my nose. This sounds like voluntary water boarding, but the internet carries many promises with it.

1/4 teaspoon of salt to 4 ounces of bottled or filtered water. Warm. Turn head sideways and gently pour in upper nostril and let it stream out of the other.

or (And honestly, I may take up this cheat), you can go to any pharmacy and buy OTC already made saline spray in a can to shoot up there much easier and quicker.

WebMD says:

For allergies: “The saline solution removes miniscule particles of pollen from the nasal passages and also removes IgE, the chemical in the body that reacts with pollen to give you the allergy symptoms…Lowered IgE levels mean fewer allergy symptoms.”

For a cold: Saline “relieves mild congestion, loosen mucus, and prevent crusting.”

Remedy #2: Garlic

Garlic is a natural antihistamine with inflammation-fighting properties. It is also antiviral, and can act as a potent antimicrobial action against bacteria and yeasts.

I love garlic – roasted, sauteed, baked, powdered. Anything but raw. However, I’ve always heard taking it raw is best when being used for medicinal purposes.

BUT! I just learned that the jury is out on this! Some experts are saying dried or powdered garlic tablets (not the garlic in your spice rack!) are better. says it best, so I’m going to quote them, “Garlic owes its efficacy to allicin, a byproduct derived from the amino acid alliin reacting with the enzyme alliinase. The biosynthesis of these constituents however, can be unstable in their natural state. Raw garlic is certainly good for you and has several health benefits to offer otherwise, but the enzyme necessary to produce allicin is usually destroyed in the stomach before the conversion can take place.

It may be because of my raw garlic bias, but I am going to go to my local health food store (Tunies, love them!) and pick up some garlic tablets asap. You know, as soon as I find some pep to put in my step.

Looking forward to those after-burps!

Remedy #3: Echinacea

This is a natural herb that had been studied and shown to boost the immune system. It has been shown to increase the count of T-cells in the blood stream, which are white blood cells that increase immunity. Good for a coldergy!

Remedy #4: Flavinoids and Vitamin C

Eating bright fruits and vegetables high in flavinoids and vitamin C help fight off colds and boost allergy response. Flavinoids have been shown to change the body’s reaction to  allergens and viruses. They also boost the immune system, as does vitamin C. Fruits and veggies are also really good for you and when your body is fighting something, I think it is important to be giving your body good fuel for the battle.

I know I am crazy to think all of this will work in just a few hours, allowing me the time and energy to bake and be sweet, but good lord, I need to try. I know hubby will understand if after work, he finds curled up on the couch with a bag of Tate’s Gluten Free cookies from the store for him. But I want today to be special, so I at least have to try.

I kind of just want to nap though.



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