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By on 03/22/2018

healthsole_product-u151Today we want to talk about a unique product we tried out, designed to practically boost your health and wellbeing overnight.

HealthSoles uses magnetic pressure point technology to essentially treat your feet to ongoing reflexology while you walk and go about your day.

We all know meditation is good for your soul… But is magnetization good for your body?

These HealthSoles inserts combine two types of therapy: Acupressure and magnetic therapy.

Acupressure uses precise finger placement and pressure over specific points along the body. These points follow specific channels, known as meridians – the same channels used in acupuncture. Acupressure has been around for more than 5,000 years and studied just as many times.

Magnetic therapy uses static magnetic fields and the bodies natural magnetic properties to support health and healing. In fact, did you know after the first astronauts returned to Earth sick, NASA concluded it was due to being outside of the magnetic field and put magnets in their space suit for all other missions, to eliminate illness.

Both of these therapies are used to treat a long list of ailments, from depression, digestion, obesity, insomnia, sinus problems and more.

HealthSoles decided to combine both therapies into one and make it easier than ever to benefit from this natural healing on a daily basis.

Their website claims you will feel instant results as soon as you start using them. They claim, “Step on the magnetic pads of these amazing therapeutic insoles. Millions of pain-relieving waves travel throughout your body, wiping out discomfort and fatigue while restoring organ function. Every step you take makes you that much healthier.” accupressure foot

Do HealthSoles work?

For starters, they could not be easier to use. Once you have them, you simply trim to your shoe size and insert into your shoes. That’s it.

We had both men and women try them around the office (and some family who wanted to be included as well). Everyone agrees these insoles are comfortable and actually quite soothing. The pressure points aren’t too obtrusive and even after a long day on the feet, they did not become painful or uncomfortable. In fact, we found them to provide constant relief… like having a wonderful foot massage… all day!

Truth time. Did we all suddenly lose 10 poundsget perfect skin and become perfect specimens of health overnight? No, of course not. But, we did notices changes.

We noticed that our moods were elevated pretty quickly and we had more energy though. This possibly could have been due to our excitement and general fun we were having walking around and commenting on the product.

However, 3 days into our test and more than half of us started really believing our energy levels were noticeably higher and felt the HealthSoles were responsible. foot accupressure

Another notable difference: We all agreed that we were sleeping better. We felt more relaxed during the day, and at night time sleep came easy and we all slept well.

While we would love to comment on their claim to help boost organ health and even help reduce issues like kidney stones, none of us have any of those health concerns to be able to make a comparison. With what we know about acupressure and magnetic therapy though, we understand how these HealthSoles could address some of those issues.

We do have 2 office members, one with bad knees and another with age-related arthritis and both said their knees and joints felt significantly better.

To further test our HealthSoles, after wearing them for a week, we then removed them and noted any changes in our bodies over another week. Honestly, we all felt a loss of benefits. More anxiety, less sleep, bigger appetite, joint pain, etc.

So do they work? 

Let’s put it this way, our product review is over. We are all still wearing the foot pads. They are comfortable, and we all felt at least one or more benefit from wearing them. We get all the benefits of acupressure and magnetic therapy, without the large medical bill and with the added bonus of comfortable, happy feet!

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