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By on 08/24/2017

chronic inflammation“Inflammation” seems to be one of the most popular words when discussing health and wellness these days. Ever wonder why exactly?

Simply put, it is because decades of research and learning have revealed that inflammation is a sort of root cause of many illnesses, injuries, and even aging processes.

To say it another way, inflammation is very bad. However, it is also extremely common and most adults (especially over the age of 40) find themselves in a daily battle against inflammation.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s response to injury or illness (like a cold or infection) and is very helpful in the healing process. However, chronic inflammation is a real problem. This is when the body attacks itself with an inflammatory response, somehow thinking it is battling an infection or virus when in reality it is attacking your knee joints, for example.

Your inflammation response can get permanently switched on due to age, poor diet, environmental contaminants and cellular damage due to free radicals. As a result, your lymphatic system becomes out of balance and your body experiences the following symptoms:

Symptoms of Inflammation

  • Retained Water
  • Clogged and slow Lymphatic system
  • Chronic skin problems
  • Spare tire around the waist
  • Swollen hands and feet
  • Sore joints
  • Reduced immune system
  • Sore muscles

sluggish lymphatic system

How to Stop Inflammation

Step one of stopping chronic inflammation is to give your lymphatic system a boost. Your lymphatic system is responsible for the transportation of lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body. This lymph works to eliminate toxins, waste and other unwanted materials from your system. When your body is in an inflamed response, this lymph gets sluggish and no longer works well to rid the body of actual toxins that could be triggering the inflammatory response.

Inner lymphatic drainage (which is easily done by applying a product like Lymph-Active to the underarms 1-2 times a day) works to quickly reactivate a sluggish lymphatic system. Stimulating more lymph and a faster flow will quickly reduce inflammation and swelling throughout the body by flushing toxins, waste and excess bloat.

In addition to boosting your lymphatic system, you can also reduce the inflammatory response in your body by eating fermented foods rich in antioxidants and take a daily probiotic. These work to boost the immune system as well as fighting off free radicals and toxins that are built up in the body, triggering the inflammatory response.


Finally, cut out processed sugar. Painful, yes, but also very necessary as recent research shows processed sugars actually work to greatly increase inflammation within the body, more than almost any other food or toxin.

If left untreated, inflammation can go beyond the stated symptoms above and become a major contributor to chronic diseases like inflammatory bowel diseases, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and pulmonary, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Health Signpost

By boosting your lymphatic system and eating right you can quickly give your body the super charge it needs to fight off chronic inflammation, resulting in fewer aches and pains, reduced bloat, increased weight loss and of course, reduced risk for major chronic diseases.

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