Relax… There is Actually A Great Way to Reduce Anxiety!

By on 02/26/2015
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Sorry, this kit won't actually work.

Sorry, this kit won’t actually work.

Lavender oil on your pillow,  hot baths, massages, exercise, therapy… these are all great ways to reduce stress and anxiety, but they also all fail to do one thing…

They don’t address, at a physical level, how anxiety can be triggered by your body being out of balance.

The biggest signs of stress and anxiety are:

  • depression
  • sleep problems
  • tension
  • work mistakes
  • poor concentration
  • apathy

How many of these apply to you?

While anything from a bad day at work, money troubles, or a fight with a friend can cause stress and anxiety, the biggest factor is your health. If unwell, you won’t be able to fight the stress that pops up in every day life.

If your body is balanced, then it will be equipped and ready to handle and process anxiety quickly, allowing your system to calm down quicker and your mind relax sooner.

So how can you fine-tune your body to be an amazing stress fighter?

First, you need to get 7-8 hours of sleep. A lack of sleep causes depression, foggy thinking, and an increase in cortisol levels which directly affects your stress level in a negative way.

Second, you need a support network. When feeling stressed and anxious one of the best things you can do is reach out to a good friend and tell them the truth. Tell them you are struggling and why, and often times processing these emotions out loud will instantly help you feel lighter and better.

Finally, the best and most important thing you can do is take care of your body! Not being active, eating poorly and being overweight are the biggest causes of physical and mental stress on your body. You are depriving your body on a cellular level. How can you expect it to function at 100% if it’s not getting all of the nutrition, endorphins and exercise it needs?

Do your best to move as much as possible every day.

Also, you need to fuel your body and mind with proper foods and supplements.

In fact, an all-in-one supplement that contains all-natural ingredients that help burn fat, increase serotonin (the “happy” hormone), and fuel your body, is also a great way to beat the anxiety before it starts.

A supplement like Supera Complete contains many natural ingredients that are like a little army fighting the good fight for your body to achieve optimum health.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia

  • Garcinia cambogia– blocks fat and sugar absorption while also suppressing the appetite. It also reduces cortisol (stress hormone) levels while increasing serotonin levels.
  • Raspberry ketone – Burns fat and increases metabolism and energy, which helps fight depression, poor concentration and apathy.
  • African Mango – Also helps reduce the appetite and increasing the metabolism.
  • Moringa – Contains potent levels of vitamins C, D & E which improve the body’s immune system, regulates blood sugar and promotes proper digestion.
  • Caralluma– Suppresses the appetite and increases physical endurance.
  • White Kidney Bean – As we just recently discussed on this blog, white kidney beans promote weight loss, reduce calories and block carb absorption.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – Contains CGA which burns fat and increases energy and focus.

Pair a powerful all-in-one supplement like Supera Complete with a health-focused lifestyle and you will quickly see how anxiety and stress start popping up less and less in your life, while your energy, focus and health will be greater than every before.

Basically, your body is like a car and you have a choice. You can drive it into the ground and if it breaks down you can always do your best to fix what’s broken and hobble along until the next breakdown. Or, you take care of that car and maintain it properly and it will always run smoothly.

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