Remember, It’s Important to Exercise and Feed Your Body AND Your Brain!

By on 02/01/2015

exercise your brainOur brain is one of the most mesmerizing parts of the body; it still holds so many mysteries, even after hundreds of years of study and scrutiny. Human brain power defies so much of our current scientific understanding and its limits are probably even higher than our existing theories.

However, our brain is also very fragile in nature, and even the smallest trauma can debilitate or end our life. Even worse, our brain is susceptible to still uncontrollable diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia. You can live a healthy, problem-free life and still fall victim to the terrible fate of Alzheimer’s disease.

One fact that is no longer a mystery: your brain is a muscle, and just like every other muscle in your body, it needs to exercise to recharge and stay strong. Studies show that as you age, the mental connections in your brain decline, but those who keep their brain active and challenged can increase its vitality and even regenerate more new brain cells and cellular connects, thereby reducing the risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

“And how exactly am I supposed to exercise my brain? I can’t make it do squats!”

I can hear your scrutiny!

Here are some of the best ways to whip your brain into top cognitive shape:

  • The number one thing you can do is read, read, READ! Ready anything! Fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, magazines, anything. This exercises the parietal lobe (part of the brain that turns letters into words, and words into thoughts), the occipital lobe (area of the brain that processes visual information), and the temporal lobe (stores information).
  • Sign up for a daily vocabulary email and don’t just sent it to your spam folder. Learning a new word daily doesn’t just make you sound smarter… it actually makes you smarter by exercising the language portion of your brain.
  • Keep a journal and write in it daily. Write anything – journal about your day, start a fictional story, or even a biography! Writing exercises multiple areas of the brain as your memory, imagination, and even visual centers are all activated and required to pull together a story or thought.
  • Practice music. If you already play an instrument, commit to mastering it even further. If not, you are never too old to pick up an instrument and learn how to create music. Doing so increases the capacity of your memory and concentration, enhances your coordination, and even improves your reading, comprehension and math skills.
  • Do daily crossword or Sudoku puzzles. This challenges the critical thinking, problem solving and concentration areas of your brain.


Another fantastic perk about being alive today is our understanding of, and access to, supplements. It seems that there are now supplements for almost all ailments today. The truth is, this has become a multi-billion dollar industry, which means major companies are paying good money to discover new, better supplements and scientifically prove they work.

As with any popular industry, you need to always do your homework to make sure the product you are buying is trustworthy, proven and safe. There will always be dishonest, money-hungry companies out there, so you need to make sure you are only purchasing from reputable manufacturers.

With that disclaimer aside, truthfully, there are indeed supplements for almost anything today, and many of them have been shown to work!

If you are looking to increase or recharge your brain power, one of the newest supplements available is actually soy or cabbage derivative called Phosphatidylserine (PS for short). How in the heck can that help your brain? Well, PS is an essential part of all our cells, specifically the cell membrane. It keeps cells intact, and also helps perform vital functions like bringing in nutrients and helping eliminate cellular waste.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there is interest in Phosphatidylserine (PS) as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and other memory problems. Several studies with phosphatidylserine do indicate improved cognitive abilities and behaviors.

Additionally, NYU has reported, “Good evidence suggests that PS can help declining mental function and depression in the elderly, and it is widely used for this purpose in Italy, Scandinavia, and other parts of Europe.”

If it’s good enough for Europe, its probably good enough for you!

However, a quick Google search will reveal over 200 different PS supplements, so which do you chose?

How about one that goes even further?

Clarity Complex (by EnerGnaturals), is a supplement created specifically for boosting brain power and function. It is actually a combination of a few proven brain-boosting supplements like Bioflavonoids (boost your brain and circulatory health), L-Proline (important brain-building collagen), L-Glutamine (amino-acid building block that helps reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue and other cognitive difficulties)…

…and finally, you guessed it: PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE!

Clarity Complex

(it also has most of the daily vitamins you need as well, so it really is an all-inclusive supplement… just sayin…)


We may not have all the answers to the brain yet, but we are off to a good start and we know enough to know that exercising your body AND your brain, along with providing them both healthy, necessary nutrition is the number one way to stay looking, feeling and thinking young!

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