Seriously.. Sick Again, and again, and again….

By on 04/28/2014
1-Boca Co-op Organic Produce

I’ve done the best I can at holding back my whining, but I just can’t anymore.

I don’t know what I did or who I pissed off, but the universe has decided to really give it to me.

In the past 3 weeks our family has collectively been to the doctor 8  times and have received 8 different drugs. Officially over this sickness from hell. Also, very thankful for insurance.

Current leader-board:
Hubby: beat strep. Now has severe bronchitis.
Seb: mostly over his bronchitis, got a full body rash in reaction to his meds. Then after he got over that he got HFMD (Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease. It’s mostly harmless but highly contagious.)
Anna: beat strep, never got bronchitis! Take that, suckas! Both ear canals still stayed clogged though…………. and then the strep came back.


Universe, I am so so sorry for whatever it is I did! I promise I will be a better person! I will use my blinker when changing lanes, and not roll my eyes at the slow person in front of me at the check out counter, I’ll stop changing the station when Pharell’s “Happy” comes on, I’ll let Seb keep coloring on the walls… Please just release my family from this curse!

In our attempt to get healthy, we forked over a butt-ton of cash and bought a Vitamix (We had the medium-range Ninja blender and that thing sucks!).


We also joined a local organic produce co-op. They deliver fresh, locally grown, and all organic foods straight to my door every other week. I mean, how great is that? I love hippies!

1-Boca Co-op Organic Produce

The results?


Well, I’m still sick. But drinking a green smoothie every morning for breakfast has given me endless energy and every vitamin ever, I’m sure. Also, 5 pounds. WAIT, WHAT THE WHAT? I don’t, either. Before I was eating frozen waffles with banana and syrup (Hey! Don’t judge! Mornings are hard. It was all organic too, does that count for anything?)

I was certain switching to a green smoothie filled with kale, wheat grass, broccoli, carrot, quinoa, bee pollen, flax seeds, and random other greens and fruits would be so amazing for me.


So uh…. this is me asking YOU… WHY did I pudge up?? Is it because Ive also been sick FOREVER? Does Amoxicillian cause weight gain? Seriously! What gives??

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