Spring Makeup and Beauty Tips

By on 05/15/2015

spring skincareWell, it seems as though most of us around the country have finally thawed out, and can finally put those winter boots, heavy coats and dark colors away for good… until next winter anyway :/

But now it’s time for spring! Fresh air, fresh flowers and a fresh face for us all!

With the dry, cold air behind us, it’s time to change our beauty routine for spring, just like we change our wardrobe.

Why do we need to change our beauty routine? Because our delicate skin is affected by the change in weather. If we don’t alter our skin care routine then we could be missing important steps in keeping our skin bright, smooth, clear and soft.

During winter, the cold, dry air, as well as the dry air that comes from heaters, causes our skin to dry out, flake and crack. A bigger focus on exfoliation and heavy moisturizer is needed. Look for something that can drastically increase the moisture in your skin as the weather will constantly be drying it out. Aquasurge, by Kiwifox, actually increases the moisture of your skin by 400% in just 48 hours.

Aquasurge kiwifox

However, once spring comes, our skin is exposed more to the damaging effects of the sun that needs to be addressed by applying a daily face-specific SPF lotion. You also need to trade in your heavy moisturizer for something lighter, that allows for your pores and sweat glands to breathe more. Perhaps switch to a skin “freshener” like the Beau-t-fi Mist that has a much lighter application to the skin, and has extra nutrients to fight the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays as well as harmful pollutants found in the outside air.

When it comes to your makeup, you also need to upgrade to spring trends, and lock those heavy winter colors away until the the snow falls again.

Spring makeup is all about light, airy, fresh and natural looks.

For makeup, try these fun, seasonal changes:
  •  Now is the time to dust off your bronzer. Bronze, sun-kissed skin is in, so add less blush and more bronzer for a quick transition into spring.
  • For your lips, ditch the dark, matted colors that were trendy this winter and go for light colored, pink, glossy lips instead. (The one exception will always be the bold, bright red lipstick that works year around.)
  • For eyes, it’s all about pastel eye shadow paired with wing-tipped eyeliner.
  • One fun spring 2015 trend we are seeing is adding a pop of bold color in the form of a large, statement necklace, like below:bold statement necklace


…And for your hair:
  • If you are into coloring your hair, now is the time to lighten it by adding highlights, either all over or just to frame your face. The beach-bum “ombre” look also screams spring and summer.
  • 2015 is also seeing the playful trend of adding spring colors to your hair. You can go bold and dye all of your hair, or just do some flirty highlights. For a less permanent solution look into hair chalk, which adds bright color to your hair but will wash right out without any permanent staining.Celebrities spring colored hair
  • Finally, for hair styling, it’s all about having loose, “undone” looking hair paired with a cute spring dress; try a loose braid or messy ponytail. You can also let your locks hang loose, with a natural wave, and braid your bangs to create a fun braided-headband.


Now go! Frolic in the flowers, sun and fresh air! Winter is over and you can let your skin breathe!

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