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  • summer weight loss
    How to Lose 20 Pounds Before Summer

    Tis the season… the season to slim down for summer! It is officially crunch time and you are out of excuses. With Easter behind us, it’s now time to ditch the candy, pack away the puffy clothes...

    • Posted May 4, 2017
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  • pineapple weight loss
    Fruits for Weight Loss… For Real!

    We live in such a divided world these days, maybe it would help for us all to connect over a common goal: weight loss! It’s true! Almost every adult wishes they could lose some amount of weight....

    • Posted April 6, 2017
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  • stressful life
    How to Decrease Stress and Cravings and Increase Happiness

    Is your life perfect and your health completely balanced? If so, good for you – now go away! If not – welcome to the rest of us! Life is crazy, right? Work, kids, school, family, bills, hectic...

    • Posted February 16, 2017
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  • holiday-eating-caution-sign
    Leave One Gift Behind this Holiday: Extra Weight

    The best gift you can give yourself this holiday season is actually nothing… give yourself the very rare but very desired gift of NOT gaining any weight! The truth is, when it comes to this time of...

    • Posted December 22, 2016
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  • Better Sleep Means Better Weight Loss

    If we said you can sleep your way to a slimmer body, what would you call us? Crazy? Silly? Nuts? What about right? Would you call us right? … Because we are! Listen, everyone knows two of...

    • Posted December 1, 2016
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