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  • Detox water
    Detox Water – The Latest Craze in Rapid Weight Loss

    Detox water is one of the newest trends in weight loss, but why? Infused detox water is easy, DELICIOUS, super healthy and of course – can help you shed some of those unwanted pounds! Let’s discuss what...

    • Posted April 20, 2016
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  • Melatonin
    Melatonin for Managing Sleep and Weight Loss?

    Melatonin has been one of the most popular natural sleep aid supplements for a long time now, and for good reason: it works! But did you know that emerging research is showing that melatonin can also aid...

    • Posted March 24, 2016
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  • lymphaid
    New Product Review: Lymphaid

    It’s not often that Modern Health Project will post a direct product review, but sometimes a new product comes along that is a clear game changer and we must do our due diligence and let you in...

    • Posted January 27, 2016
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  • get back into shape
    How to Easily Get Back Into Shape After the Holidays

    The time is once again upon us, I’m sad to say.  The holiday season has ended and it is now time for us all to atone for our gluttonous sins.. our tasty, tasty, healthy-diet-destroying holiday food sins....

    • Posted January 8, 2016
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  • gut bacteria
    Can Probiotics and Prebiotics Enhance Your Weight Loss?

    More and more people are becoming familiar with probiotics as well as prebiotics to enhance their weight loss. Probiotics are extremely beneficial in helping your digestive system to perform properly. Probiotics is comprised of live bacteria and...

    • Posted December 8, 2015
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