Should I Take Fish Oil? Daily Vitamins? Other Supplements?

By on 12/16/2013
Fish Oil - Daily Vitamin - Co B - Glucosamine

Back in my pre-injury Crossfit heyday not only did I work out like a fanatic (and loved it, but life is life), I also took supplements. Lots o’ supplements. They say you become like the people you surround yourself with and I fully believe that. At my particular gym we had a few nutritionist who loved to give free advice and supplement recommendations. I listened fervently and before I knew it I was talking 9ish pills a day, plus various powder mixes. It became overwhelming and also very expensive. So when I injured myself over a year ago and was told my back may never be strong enough for Crossfit again, I looked at all those expensive, cumbersome pills and powders, packed them up and tossed them to the back of the pantry. I figured all that advice was tailored towards the “what to take to improve your Crossfit performance” category. Well, I don’t do Crossfit anymore and even if I ever do get the thumbs up to start again, it will never be at that high intensity. So goodbye horse pills! Adios protein powers! Helllloooo cookies!

(Exciting side note: My physical therapy is actually going really, really well. I finally started having pain free days about a month or so ago and the momentum has steadily built from there. My Dr. says I may be green lighted for light exercise soon. He still evades the Crossfit question at all costs, but I’ve worn him down to letting me try running again, when he thinks I’m ready.)

Back on point! Here is everything I took daily (notice the nice layer of dust that now rests on top of them):


Glutamine - Casein - Protein(Yes, my house is full of photo bombing cats.)


Fish Oil - Daily Vitamin - Co B - Glucosamine

You see? That’s a lot right there. One day’s worth of pills consisted of:

  • 1 daily vitamin
  • 3 glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM pills
  • 2 Coenzyme B complex tablets
  • 3 fish oil pills

If that isn’t enough to annoy your gullet, I also took a scoop a day of each protein:

  • Glutamine (An amino-acid for muscle repair/building)
  • Whey (A faster burning protein for quick absorption)
  • Casein (A slow digesting protein for long term muscle support)

I would take the glutamine and whey after each work out, and then take the casein before bed. I usually would mix them into a almond milk/fruit/kale smoothie, but when lazy I’d just mix with water and chug. Ick. I can still taste those burps.

I know taking all of these protein supplements when not exercising will only cause weight gain. Also, these things tore up my stomach! Gas, bloating, cramps… all a small price to pay for a 6 pack! But now those days are gone, far far gone. I’m totally fine with continuing to leave these at the bottom of the pantry if/until I get back under the barbells.

But here is where I am telling on myself a bit. When it comes to the daily vitamin and fish oil supplements, I *know* I should probably still be taking some, if not all of them. In a fit of frustration I just moved them all out of site, and while I’m sure part of that distance was therapeutic in helping me accept a less active lifestyle and come to terms with injuries that will probably be with me on some level for life, I know I swung too far.

As I’ve said a million times, I am an *aspiring* health nut, meaning I am not there yet. I am a mere infant when it comes to knowing what modern day brands/foods/supplements/beauty products/etc. are actually legit, healthy, effective and safe.  This blog is my classroom and accountability. I don’t like unfinished projects so I knew making a blog and actually telling people about it would keep me on task. It is honestly harder than I thought, but I still like the idea of chronicling my questions, research, and answers.

So over the next few weeks, as holidays and toddlers and family permits, I want to look into these pills I was poppin’ and see if maybe it’s time to dust them off and re-learn how to suppress my gag reflex as I try to swallow my weight in pills each day.

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