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Ok, uh… Where do I begin? Well, *you* should begin at the “About Me” section. Hopefully that will dial down any assumption of “oh god, another mommy blogger”. I really don’t want to be just that.

I think, like a cold pool I just need to jump in.

Modern Health Project? What’s all this about?

I think the word “health” has carried various meanings throughout our history, but how do we define it today? We have big pharmaceutical industries vs the small holistic, naturalistic community. Which is better? We have so many mental health realizations, but such little funding or tolerance to the many issues that fall under that umbrella. What about emotional well-being? Slowing down and enjoying a craft, or baking? Some frown on these activities as unproductive, while others say it’s these small things that bring meaning and “health” to life. What is more important, a huge income and no time, or no money but time to do “things”. What benefits us most physically, mentally, emotionally? All of these, to me, fall under the “health” category.

What about beauty products and plastic surgery? Are they enhancing our lives or destroying them, as some suggest? Also, parenting! Holy hell are there 1,454,659,000 different books and opinions on how to raise a kid. Who’s right?

I don’t have the answers to these questions. In fact, when it comes to the big questions like which products to use, or what medical remedies to trust, I don’t have a solid answer. I can admit that I lean more towards the holistic, eastern medicine approach simply because I don’t trust the “big pharma” and all of its political clout that has nothing to do with concern for my health. “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA” to me translates to “This company/product has not participated in the pointless politics of our times.” But, I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV. I recognize that I need to learn more about this giant, confusing cloud of facts, theories, test and, unfortunately, lies. I want to do this through research and conversation.

As for the many other details of life – parenting, baking, beauty, fashion, etc., well, you’ll see. I will be gracious to myself and just say I have plenty of room for improvement. I’m including the personal stuff on this blog because if it was filled with only serious thoughts, research, and questions, I would feel like a fraud. That’s not all of me. Like a real friend, I want to share it all, from my baking fails to my “Hey, do you think vaccinations really cause Autism?” can of worms. This blog is all of me – the serious and the silly.

The tl;dr version: This blog is an S.O.S.  It’s me saying “Hey! I just hear about A Thing… I don’t get it! Anyone care to comment?” All while making fun of myself and my many attempts to solve all of the curiosities in my head. I’ve been told I’m an ass, but a charming one. I hope that’s a good thing? If so, I hope you agree and are willing to maybe offer insight where I can’t see. Or, at the very least, tell me what went wrong with my glue-y mashed potatoes (Seriously? Mashed potatoes? Who screws that up?)

About Anna

Hi there! This is my little blog project where I am trying to learn more about health, wellness and living a balanced life, while also sharing a bit of my silly side as well. By "silly" I mean sarcastic. And by "a bit" I mean way too much. Sorry about that.♥ - Anna

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