The Best Natural Collagen-Building Foods

By on 06/20/2016

foods to promote collagenWhen was the last time you were able to marvel at the soft, smooth, bright and supple young skin of a baby or young child? It’s amazing how gorgeous and flawless our skin starts out!

Unfortunately age, health, sun exposure, and other external factors wear down and age our skin… and they do so rather quickly.

In fact, by the age of 30 most women report being unsatisfied with the visible signs of aging their skin now reflects and are already spending a fortune on anti-aging creams and other products.

Well… We want to share the good news with you that that no matter how damaged or aged your skin currently is, you can partially or even fully reverse the damage naturally, and without spending a fortune!

By simply consuming natural collagen-building foods and taking a natural collagen-rejuvenating supplement, you can start to turn back the visible clock by reducing and eliminating dry, dull, blotchy, wrinkly, red, saggy and sad skin.

So, how is it done?

When it comes to reducing wrinkles and fine lines naturally, you must address 3 important components of aging:

Loss of elasticity

Loss of skin firmness

A reduction in cellular renewal

…And the answer is collagen. To boost elasticity, increase skin firmness and greatly increase cellular renewal, you need to consume foods that naturally boost collagen daily.

Naturally, your next questions should be, “So what foods should I be eating?”…

The top collagen-boosting foods are:

  • Fish, like tuna and salmon, which are full of healthy omega-3s fatty acids and encourage healthy skin cells and collagen production.Collagen Boosting Salmon
  • Tomatoes, red peppers, and beets – these veggies contain lycopene, which helps prevent sun damage as well as encourage collagen production.
  • Carrots. High in vitamin A, carrots (and sweet potatoes) help repair and restore damaged collagen.
  • Prunes, which contain the highest amount of antioxidants among all fruits, help fight the free radicals that break collagen down.
  • Kale and spinach. These leafy greens contain a large amount of vitamin C which actually works to protect existing collagen from being prematurely broken down by enzymes.Kale to build collagen

In addition to these collagen-friendly foods, you also need to be taking a high quality anti-aging supplement as well… the best anti-aging supplements will promote cell renewal, skin elasticity and help maintain firmness of the skin. While there may be tons of options on the market, look for only those brands that come from trusted sources, have research to back up their claims, and are packed full of every type of high end collagen- boosting vitamins, minerals and other proven supplements.


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