The Dangers of Processed Foods

By on 05/11/2015

dangers of processed foodsWith our country in the middle of an obesity and poor health epidemic, doctors and scientists are scattering to find out the exact source of this sudden exponential growth in chronic sickness for many Americans.

When exactly did this obesity epidemic start? About 50 or so years ago, according to most experts.

Do you know what else started to become popular about 50 years ago?

…Processed foods!

Coincidence? Most experts now think not. There is a direct correlation that exists between how much processed foods a person eats and how healthy they are. Even if at an ideal weight, a deeper look usually reveals that someone who eats processed foods often struggles with insulin resistance, heart disease, joint pain, thyroid problems, fatigue, and depression.

 Processed foods…

  • Are laden with chemicals and preservatives to enhance texture, color, shelf life and flavor. Unfortunately, it’s starting to become clear that many of these substances can cause joint pain and deterioration, interfere with our metabolism and brain functions, cause allergic reactions, and even cause cancer!
  • Contain a very high amount of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and other sugar-based chemicals. This large amount of sugar is terrible for our bodies and we literally have thousands of studies to prove it. Sugar causes obesity along with other metabolic disorders as well as heart disease, inflammation, high cholesterol, liver problems and cancer.
  • Are purposely manufactured to make us eat more. Processed foods are usually overly sweet, salty or fatty. This is because those are the dietary properties that our brain most craves. Manufactures know this and purposely make their food entirely too sweet, salty or fatty so that we will eat more and crave more.
  • Are extremely high in processed or refined carbohydrates. These are the bad carbs that are directly linked to insulin resistance and diabetes, weight gain, sluggish metabolism, and gluten intolerance.
  • Are very low in the nutrients, proteins and fiber we do need to have a properly functioning body that has long term energy and nutrient resources for proper functioning.

So basically, eating a processed meal will help you feel full for a little bit, but your body hardly got any of the nutrients or energy it needed, so you will become hungry again sooner. In the mean time, all of the terrible chemicals, preservatives, sugars, and carbs you just ingested will be attacking your body from the inside out!

deadly foods

However, the truth is, most of us will still continue to consume a moderate amount of processed foods every day. This is simply because they are cheaper, quicker and easier to prepare, and have been scientifically designed to appear to the craving centers of our brain, practically programming us to always want more.

But I get it, life is busy, you are busy, and sometimes a quick stop at a drive-thru or microwaving a frozen TV dinner really is your best option.

processed microwave dinner

If this is you, you need to start thinking about enhancing your diet with supplements that can fill in your nutritional gaps, and even help rev up your metabolism to help burn off the extra sugars and carbs that often make up quick, processed meals. Supplement companies like Naturae Vita offer supplements comprised of only the best, proven ingredients to guarantee maximum absorption into your system. Their current line consists of Exerslim, MaleMega and Bioflorathin… which together cover about every health concern a person, male or female, can have.

While your absolute best course of action to take care of your health is to eliminate all processed foods from your diet, chances are that’s just not a practical change you can make, and certainly not overnight. Taking supplements to help ward off the ill effects of a poor diet is a great solution until you are ready to take the clean eating plunge and learn how to live off of, and enjoy only fresh fruits, veggies, meat and non-processed carbs like the always delicious sweet-potato. When that time comes for you, please browse our recipe section to find a ton of great info and cooking inspiration to help you on your way to the best health of your life.

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