The Importance of A Healthy Lymphatic System

By on 02/03/2017

Lymphatic SystemYour heart pumps blood, your lungs breathes air, your brain controls your entire body, your immune system fights pathogens and keeps you healthy, and your lymphatic system…. whaa? Huh? Do you know what your lymphatic system does?

Well, you’re not alone… when asked what it is, a shocking amount of people think the lymphatic system has something to do with a car engine! 😂

Not unlike a car engine, your lymphatic system is crucial in keeping you going... How? Great question!

Why does your lymphatic system matter?

The lymphatic system is a vast network of vessels that runs through your entire body. It has intersections throughout the body, called Lymph nodes, that are strategically located throughout the system and are clustered in areas like the underarms, abdomen and neck.

What does this network do?

It cleanses your body. More specifically, it cleanses the fluid in and around all of your cells. It removes impurities, toxins and waste. This is your body’s method of caring for itself on a cellular level – maximizing cell health and performance. cellular detox lymphatic system

How do I know if my lymphatic system is functioning properly?

Well, quite obviously, if you are living well and feeling great then chances are all internal systems are working well! However, if you are suffering from chronic fatigue, aches and pains, weight gain, poor digestion, and/or bloating, and haven’t been able to pinpoint why, it could be due to a congested or underperforming lymphatic system – a cause which is often overlooked.

Additionally, poor lymphatic functioning has been tied to more alarming health issues such as multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia. 

Keep your lymphatic system strong and healthy!

  • Eat well. Eat organic, whole and natural foods as often as possible and be sure to get a ton of fruits, veggies and omega-3s as they all support the removal of toxins. Foods full of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, chemicals and refined grains and sugars all tax your lymphatic system as they deposit large quantities of toxins and harmful impurities that damage your cells if not fully cleansed from your body via the lymphatic system. organic foods for healthy lymph
  • Stay hydrated. Your lymphatic system works by flushing your body at a cellular level. You need to be hydrated for best results as your system highly depends on a constant supply of fluid.
  • Boost your system. Jump on board with some of the more cutting edge products provided by companies that recognize the importance of a healthy lymphatic system and now offer innovative tools proven to boost lymphatic performance.
  • Cleanse. Three to four times a year, take echinacea, wild indigo and goldenseal for 2 weeks. They work together to build immunity and cleanse the lymphatic fluid. 
  • Get active. When you exercise and get your muscles moving, they massage the lymphatic system and promote a strong flow of fluids through the lymph vessels.

The importance of the lymphatic system is just now becoming mainstream knowledge, and now you are ahead of the game. Keeping it running at optimum levels is easy, as you just learned so go and spread the word. You never know who you may help!

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