The Many Negative Effects of Stress On Your Body!

By on 01/19/2017

stress killsIronically, stress is indeed something to stress about – figuratively speaking of course!

No one enjoys feeling stressed out, tired, worried, pulled-thin and generally anxious and uneasy about a certain life situation… or even worse, daily as a result of some current life situation!

We don’t aim to be dramatic or over-the-top with our claims, so please know we actually mean it when we say stress kills.

It is one of the top issues with the current pace of society today and unfortunately, there is no facet of our life or health that isn’t negatively affected by stress.

Negative Side Effects of Stress

In the moment, stress manifests itself physically with immediate symptoms including: headache, muscle tension, upset stomach, chest pain, fatigue, drop in sex drive, and problems sleeping.

Stress also messes with your mind, causing trouble focusing, confusion, poor judgement, depression, negativity and an unrealistic point of view with a sever lack in clear judgement and problem solving skills.

Basically, stress is your body’s primitive way of responding to a perceived threat. It prepares your body to fight or flee and nothing more. It floods your body with adrenalin and cortisol to assist in this task.

Clearly this serves us well if we suddenly find ourselves confronted by a robber, or chased by an angry dog. That hormone boost makes us faster and stronger and more likely to get away or win a fight.

However, this response is not at all helpful against the threat of too much work, an angry boss, worry over your bills, a sick kid, or other modern-day stressors that don’t require us to fight or flee at all.

stress side effects

The long term side effects of stress are far more serious:


Musculoskeletal disorders


Hyperventilation/panic attacks


Weight gain

Heart Attack



Reproductive issues

Lower immune system

Escaping the Destructive Grip of Stress

If you find yourself constantly feeling stressed or overwhelmed with various life situations, you need to immediately recognize how detrimental this is to your health. It’s also a downward spiral as stress makes you sick and tired, and when you’re sick and tired you’re less able to work through a stressful situation meaning you become more stressed, then more sick… so on and so forth until you collapse.

Let’s work on preventing this cycle, ok?

Meditation and Breathing

Deep breathing, yoga and guided mediation are all crucial in reversing chronic stress. Meditation and breathing can immediately slow and stop the stress response in the body, dropping your heart rate, reducing the release of stress hormones, centering the mind, relaxing muscles and increasing the feelings of calm, restfulness, wellness, positivity and understanding. A person in this state is far better suited for handling hard tasks, situations and other stress-inducing situations.

meditation for stress


Psychologists agree rhythmic exercises such as walking, running, swimming, dancing, and aerobic classes are good choices for disrupting stress in your body and helping you alleviate tension and get a better, more focused grasp on the problems at hand.

Eating Well

Eating well doesn’t mean a crash diet, weight loss or massive food restrictions. What we are suggesting is taking a good, honest inventory of your diet. Are you eating a lot of fast foods, drinking too much soda or alcohol or generally consuming too much junk food? If so, and we know this is no surprise to you, these foods all contribute to the negative effects of stress and help you in absolutely no way.

If you want to feel better, you need to eat better. Fruits, veggies, and lean meats. Less sugar and refined carbs. Rules you probably already know. Just remember eating well can help reduce cortisol production, increase “happy” hormones and give your body and immune system the fuel it needs to stay healthy.

Talk it Out

When in the throws of stress, it may be natural reaction to want to run and hide, but actually the opposite is true. Talking to friends or family, face to face (not texting!) releases calming hormones that help you feel less uncomfortable, unsafe or confused. This works both ways as well, whether you are venting to a friend, or if you are the shoulder that someone else needs to cry on. Humans are meant to be connected to each other and our bodies are hard wired to react positively to such connection.

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