The Shigella Has Hit the Fan

By on 10/31/2013
Dead Cookie Monster Pumpkin

Ok. I would like to update you all on the events of last week.

We left off at my son having a fever, diarrhea and general discontentment. Our Dr. diagnosed him with “*shrug* probably a tummy bug.”

The next day my lovely mother-in-law, who also happens to be a nurse sends me this:

2013 Shigella Outbreak

What is this? It’s an OUTBREAK WARNING. Like, “HEY! Just a heads up that all the kids around these parts seem to be blowing poop out of their butts an an alarming rate. Be warned!”

So I looked it up. What exactly is Shigellosis? According to the CDC, it is an “infectious disease caused by a group of bacteria called Shigella.” It is present in stool, and is transferred when the Shigella from one’s stool gets on their hands, and then they touch another persons hands/mouth. 

Basically, my kid ate some other infected kid’s poo and got sick. And apparently this is happening all over my county. Just let that sink in. Floridians, amiright? Now go wash your hands; Ill wait.

Symptoms of Shigellosis:

  • Fever
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Diarrhea (often bloody)

Also, not listed in the CDC site but CONFIRMED by my own son’s rear:

  • Gas. Loud, boisterous, room clearing gas

When I took Seb to the doctor, he did not mention this outbreak to me, as it was one day before the press release. After receiving it I wondered if I should take him back or not. According to multiple websites, the most common course of treatment is antibiotics. Ugh. Something I’ve tried so hard to avoid. In Seb’s 2 years on this planet, he has received antibiotics one time, for an ear infection. Every other time hydration, nutrition, kisses and patience have seen him through his various ailments, and I like to think this is the right thing to do.

Also in my research I found a hand full of sites that talk about antibiotic resistant Shigella developing, and if at all possible, could we please stop treating it with antibiotics right away? We are creating a super-strain. Please STAHP!

So, this insight paired with knowing my Dr. is a very successful head of a huge practice and very into letting things take their course if at all possible, I decided to heed his original advice and just give Seb Florastor Kids probiotics, and a lot of fluids. Seb won’t drink Pedialyte and I don’t blame him. It tastes TERRIBLE! He may be 2, but he knows when something just isn’t right. So we give him “juice” which consists of about 80% water and 20% whatever organic juice we have laying around. This week it was white grape juice. (I should note, we don’t worry about the electrolyte replacement too much with his juice as we give him salted crackers, his favorite sick food, and that covers it). Then, we waited. The plan was to keep him hydrated, let him snack on the BRAT diet (Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast), make sure any fever stays low grade, and give him 5-7 days to fight it off on his own.

On day 3ish his on and off fever seemed to break for good, and on day 5 he stopped erupting. He dried out! It took him another good 2 days to get his full appetite and energy back, but he did.

Happy Healthy Seb

Now he is back to his happy self and ready to dress up for his first real trick or treating! Fully healthy! Recovering on probiotics and fluids only. No antibiotics!

Cookie Monster Costume


(Also, another update to last week’s post. Our beloved Cookie Monster pumpkin did not make it to Halloween. We carved too early, apparently. Florida heat and humidity destroyed it in days. That black schmootz you see on the bottom, that’s mold. RIP Cookie Pumpkin!)

  Dead Cookie Monster Pumpkin


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