The Ultimate List of Best Antioxidant Foods

By on 05/20/2015

antioxidant rich foodsWhat are antioxidants and why does the entire world love them?

Antioxidants are natural chemicals found in certain foods that fight free radicals in the body. Your body need them in order to stabilize the free radicals and keep them from causing damage to other cells in your body.

… and what exactly are free radicals?

Free radicals are highly volatile chemicals that enter our body via poor food choices, smoking, and other sources of environmental pollution. When your body has too many free radicals, they can damage your cells, including DNA, proteins and cell membranes. This cellular damage has been linked to many major health concerns, including cancer.

Studies show that people who consistently eat a diet rich in antioxidants are less likely to have too many free radicals in their system, and are thus less likely to develop major health problems like heart disease, premature aging, diabetes, crohn’s disease and arthritis.

So which foods should you be eating on a regular basis to ensure you are pumping your body full of health-promoting antioxidants?

Here the ultimate list of the best food sources for antioxidants:

(This list is ranked from most potent to least)

  1. Half a cup of Small Red Beans
                 antioxidant rich red beans'
  1. Half a cup of Red Kidney Beans (dried)
  2. Half a cup of Pinto Beans
  3.  Cultivated (refined or processed) Blueberries
  4. One cup of Whole Cranberries
                 antioxidant rich cranberries
  1. One cup of cooked Artichoke Hearts
  2. One cup of Blackberries
  3.  Half a cup of Prunes
  4.  One cup of fresh Raspberries
  5. One cup of fresh Strawberries
                 antioxidant rich strawberries
  1. One Red Delicious Apple
  2.  One Granny Smith Apple
  3.  One ounce of Pecans
  4. One cup of Sweet Cherries
                   antioxidant rich sweet cherries

And as always, let’s be realistic and say that while this amazing list offers all you need to get an abundance of antioxidants in your system, the chances of you being able to eat such a robust list daily are slim.

So what ever shall you do to maximize your daily antioxidant absorption?

Pair some of the listed foods above with a daily supplement that will fill in any antioxidant holes you may have. The ultimate supplement for men, MaleMega, contains resveratrol, the absolute best antioxidant supplement available today. BioFloraThin is another great supplement for men and women that helps boost weight loss while also supplying a fantastic amount of antioxidants in the form of chromiumGarcinia cambogia and green tea extract.

By pairing the most potent antioxidant rich foods with a high quality supplement, you will ensure your body is a free radical fighting machine and thus stave off the early aging effects these little devils have on our health and looks.

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