Tips To Remember Things You Don’t Want to Forget!

By on 10/19/2017

tips for memoryTips To Remember Things You Don’t Want to Forget!Wait, what was our topic about this week? Oh yeah! How to boost your memory!

While its funny to joke that “happiness is good health and a poor memory,” this just isn’t true!

How many times has forgetfulness gotten you into trouble? A misplaced phone, lost keys, forgotten lunch date, or even worse… forgetting an important date or project at work or even forgetting to pick up your kid on time!

Having a poor memory really can have an adverse effect on your day to day life… and the idea that memory only gets worse in old age is a lie!

Studies show that the biggest causes of poor memory are things we all struggle with: stress, lack of sleep, an overbooked schedule, having kids, medications and poor nutrition can all cause memory loss.

If you feel it’s becoming harder to remember your to-do list, conversations, work information and more, these helpful tips are for you!

Top Tips for Boosting Your Memory

Eat your veggies! Diets high in saturated fat (which comes from foods like red meat, whole milk, butter, cheese, cream, and ice cream) actually impair concentration and memory, while foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants boost brain performance.

Get enough sleep. Studies show adults who get less than 7 hours of sleep per night quickly show signs of impaired memory.

Take a memory-boosting supplement. Taking a memory supporting supplement like Revetrin (which uses cutting-edge nanotechnology to penetrate cell atoms!) helps support brain function by eliminating cell-destroying free radicals and boosting brain performance at a cellular level.

Mediate. Awareness or insight meditation has been thoroughly studied and it has been proven that having a consistent meditation practice actually thickens the cortex, improving memory and concentration.

meditate to help memory

Exercise. 2.5 hours or more of regular weekly exercise actually changes the chemical makeup of your brain and boosted brain performance (including memory) is a result of this change! As you may suspect, if you stop exercising, you will also feel the slowdown mentally, not just physically, so keep it up!

Stay mentally active. Speaking of exercise, did you know your brain is a muscle? Exercising your brain with mentally stimulating games and activities can actually improve your memory by up to 30-50%! Here are a few great examples of memory boosting mental exercises: learn a new language, do crossword or sudoku puzzles, read magazines, newspapers or books, take a class, or create art by drawing, painting or sculpting.

exercise for memory

Age alone does not make you immune to memory loss. Many life factors can affect your ability to concentrate on tasks or remember important tasks or events. At the same time, the more you age, the more susceptible you become to increased memory loss. So regardless of whether or not you feel your memory is starting to fail you, now is the time to take the above mentioned steps to encourage healthy brain function and keep your memory going strong!

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