Top Health Trends for 2016

By on 02/03/2016
health trends

Along with a new year comes new focus, clarity, ideas, hopes, goals and dreams. You can reflect on the year behind you and analyze your highs, lows, failures, achievements and all the details along the way. You can then look at the year in front of you and set your mind to the changes you wish to see.

This annual review and goal setting is true for individuals, couples, sports teams and companies both large and small. So basically, everyone. We all do it. We look back, then we look forward and want to improve. Do better. Be healthier. Try new things.

Now that we are already a month into 2016, we can see the emerging health trends for the year. Some are quite predictable, and some are rather fresh and surprising. However, all are great ideas that if implemented, will certainly improve your mental, physical and emotional health.

The Top Health Trends for 2016

Mindfulness and Meditation


The idea that slowing down, working less and taking more time to relax will actually help creative thinking, decision making, and productivity is going mainstream. By now you’ve probably seen the new trend of coloring books for adults. They are the perfect illustration of this trend. Psychologists say adults who take a time-out from work and stress by unplugging from all electronics and stimuli to clear their minds and focus on a calming, meditative task (like coloring) show marked improvement in stress levels and sleep quality, along with a better daily outlook. They also perform better on critical-thinking tasks. Everyone knows the saying that we should stop to smell the roses, but now the professional world is on board as well.


Gut Health

probiotic benefits

Research has shown for a while now that probiotics are critical for healthy digestion. We now also know that there is a major connection between the gut and the brain (the gut-brain axis) and having the proper ratio of “good” gut bacteria is also a must for a strong immune system and for healthy brain function. We wrote about this connection recently, and you can get a detailed report here: New Scientific Discovery: Probiotics and Prebiotics May Hold the Key to Curing Neuropsychological Disorders. This knowledge is becoming more popular and major brands are cashing in. Everything from pills, drinks, yogurts, and fermented foods are now being advertised and sold as healthy sources of probiotics. As a result of this, the annual sales of all forms of pre and probiotics are higher than ever, with 2016 expected to have the biggest numbers yet. (You can even get probiotics for pets now!)


Fitness Technology

Wearable Fitness Tech

Exercise has gone high-tech! Smart watches, movement trackers, wearable GPS systems, and heart rate monitors are now common place among fitness enthusiasts. 2016 is the year this trend will trickle down from “top fitness experts” to the average person just trying to  get in shape and stay healthy. Thanks to the massive boom of fitness tracking apps available for all hand-held devices, someone who has no previous exercise experience can now have quick, easy access to all the lessons, tips, advice and support they need to be successful at any fitness goal. Most fitness apps also have a fun social aspect, allowing users to join communities or link up with friends, which greatly increases the chances for success.


New Superfoods

kohlrabi super food 2016

Eating whole, fresh foods isn’t exactly a new idea, but adding various new foods to your dietary repertoire is always a welcome way to stay excited about eating well while also getting varying nutrition profiles. The superfoods to keep an eye out for this year are kohlrabi and bone broth. Kohlrabi (German for “cabbage turnip”) is nutrient rich veggie from the cabbage family. You can eat it raw or cooked and it boasts a high nutrient to calorie ratio, meaning you get more nutrition for less calories. Bone broth is just that, broth made from simmering bones for 12-24 hours. It is easy to make and the resulting broth is a great way to support the immune system as it contains many minerals and healing nutrients like collagen, glutamine, glycine, and proline. Additionally, the collagen can also help repair your gut lining and reduce intestinal inflammation, which is another way to keep your health on track. Bone broth can be added to meals or act as the base to a delicious soup. Many fans also suggest drinking a glass every morning for optimum health benefits.


Perhaps you are a savvy health enthusiast and already aware of all these trends, but chances are at least one or two of these emerging health trends are new to you. Try them out! You have nothing to lose, but great health to gain! Make 2016 your healthiest year yet!




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