Top Tips to Look Younger!

By on 10/06/2017

tips on looking youngerOther than the young teen trying to look older to sneak in to the club, the rest of us do everything we can to look younger, right?

Age is the enemy and as a society, we spend billions of dollars a year trying any new product, fad, or promise to make us look younger.

But when you look around… age is everywhere and only a small amount of people ever actually shock us with their true age. Clearly not all anti-aging promises are true… but it does happen!

Some are able to pull it off and are endlessly youthful! What are their secrets?

Let’s cut through the massive and distracting ocean of anti-aging products out there and focus in on the tips we know actually work!

Top Tips for Looking Younger

Step 1: Take care of your health!

  • Quit bad habits. The top 2 ways to prematurely age your body and your appearance is to smoke and drink too much alcohol. Both of these vices put a major strain on your body and as a result, it ages quickly and dramatically.
  • Other than kicking cigarettes and execessive drinking to the curb, you also need to stay hydrated (With water, not soda or sugary drinks!) as hydration is a quick and easy way to boost skin elasticity and glow and can even reduce fine lines.Drink Water
  • Diet is also important. Once again, giving your body too many fats, sodium, and carbs will advance your age quickly as your body struggles to keep itself together. At the same time, if you are eating well, meaning whole foods like lean meats, veggies, fruits and limited carbs, fats and sodium, your body will have enough nutrition to fully support all systems at a cellular level, including your skin, hair and nails, which will all be healthy, strong and youthful!
  • You know we are gonna say it, so here it is: You also have to exercise. Do you need to join a Crossfit gym? No. But getting outside and getting your heart rate up for 15 minutes a day will do wonders to boost your health and energy levels.

If you are bright eyed and bright-faced, have gorgeous shiny hair, strong nails, smooth skin and tons of energy, no one will believe your true age!

Step 2: Present yourself well!

Your health is in order and all tips above are checked off… so what else can you do?

Dress for success!

How you dress, how you wear your hair and the makeup you wear all work together to present an idea of your age to the outside world.

Listen, if you are wearing orthopedic shoes, a baggy sweater, have messy grey hair in a bun and no makeup – you will look much older than you probably are. Alternatively, if you wear cute, trendy shoes (they don’t have to be heels either!), a fun outfit and makeup that reflects current trends, you will look 10 years younger, guaranteed!

Color your hair. Some women love to embrace their grey and look stunning! Others wish to keep it covered up. If you are looking to cheat your age, then we suggest hiding those grays until you’re ready to let them shine. Many salons offer very natural-looking grey coverage, but you can also buy one of many brands from the store. Our main tip is don’t stray too far from your original hair color. If you’re a natural brunette and color your hair black to hide all grays, your look won’t be natural.

Makeup that works. There are no less than 1,00,000,000 brands of makeup out there (that may be a slight exaggeration but you get our point). Some are marketed towards teens and many others to the 55+ demographic. Some are organic and others are full of harsh chemicals that will actually age your skin every time you apply.make up

Makeup is a wonderful thing because we can change our look to match our mood or event and have so much fun. From nudes and blushes, to bold colors and new trends… Showing up with a fresh face and trendy look is one of the best ways to instantly fool the room and cheat your age by at least 10 years. 

Skin Care. To offset the sun, toxins in the environment and the effects of wearing makeup over time, invest in a skin care routine that works to keep your skin healthy, clear and young!

Fashion. It counts. Nothing ages you quicker than wearing clothes that scream to the world that you’re tired and you’ve given up. If you are reading this, that clearly isn’t you! You still have a spice for life and are looking to keep the fun going!

…Which brings us to the most important Step 3:

Have fun and smile!!! Enjoying life, smiling, having fun and doing things you enjoy will not just make you look young, it will actually keep you young and full of life! You are never too old to try something new, and every day truly is a gift. Live it to the fullest, no matter what your age, and you will feel lighter and younger the minute your smile starts to shine. But hey… there is still nothing wrong with taking care of your self and having a bit of fun tricking everyone into thinking your birthday cake needs far fewer candles!never too old

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