Treat Yo’Self, keratin hair treatment Part 2

By on 03/28/2014
Keratin Before and After 2

In reference to my last post, I completely forgot about the other awesome thing I did for me!

I have very long, but very frizzy and brittle hair.

(And I just spent 20 minutes trying to find a photo to show you, but came back with nada.)

I know I always wear my hair up but, MAN I ALLLWAYS WEAR MY HAIR UP!

I don’t exactly have all day for this, so here is a photo from 2.5 years ago, when Seb was born. My hair is twice as long now. The point is, this is a photo with my hair down (they are so rare it may just be worth money!).

AND AND AND! I blow dried (blew dried?), flat ironed, and sprayed the hell out of my hair for this photo shoot. It STILL did whatever the hell it wanted.



So for Christmas hubby decided to buy me something I’d never buy for myself. A keratin hair treatment.

And a few weeks ago, I finally had time to cash it in!

I sat in the salon for 4 hours like one of those Real Housewives of Miami ladies and got my huur did!

I am going to show you a before and after, but I feel it needs a disclaimer. I did not style my hair in any way. I let it air dry the day before my appointment to take the “before” photo. Then after 24 hours of letting the keratin sit in my hair, I washed it out and let it air dry again. This was the immediate difference.

Now, You can see that along with being completely frizz free, it also lost all of its body. That was unexpected and sort of bummed me out, but lo! It was temporary!

Keratin Before and After 2

After a few more washings it bounced right back up, but remained frizz-free. See?

Keratin 3 Weeks Later

This is just air drying after a shower. No products. No drying/ironing. Nada. In fact, I haven’t even shampooed since Wednesday. So yeah. Pretty awesome.

Also! I am wary to talk about such things because so far my blog has been fairly snarky when it comes to supplements and health “pills” and the such, but I also started taking hair pills. I guess that’s what we can call them?

(And yes, I have received “feedback” about how cranky I am, and that maybe I should talk about something that does work instead of just slamming everything I read about).

Well, fine. Here you go.

My hair also started falling out a while ago. I have a lot of hair and it’s not like I ever really style it (Remember: Tomboy) so I didn’t really care much. I assumed it was one of those “girl things” and it was a season that would pass. But then it kept coming out in small clumps in the shower, and clogging the drain at an alarming rate. My sink would be full of strands of hair after each brushing. So I did what any girl who likes her long, thick hair would do:

I panicked.

Then, I internetted. I learned about supplements strictly for hair. And then I secretly started taking some. I told not a soul on the internet because I knew deep down that it was impulsive. That I shouldn’t care so much about my hair. That it will end up not working and I will look the fool. So I just silently gulped my pills and said whatever will be will be.

That is my confession to you and I am sorry.

I started taking FollicShield in like.. November? Early December? When hubby started complaining about all the hair in the shower and I was finally convinced that my hair *was* getting frizzier and its body was slowly deflating. (Also, yikes! It doesn’t matter, but I feel like I should clarify that I didn’t pay that price on the website. They must have had an internet deal or something. I do not poop money, and I am not that crazy to pay that much for a whim such that I had).

But I do have to say… about a month or so ago, it did stop falling out. The brittleness and frizziness is hard to judge because I got that keratin treatment around the same time. It is supposed to last 5-6 months, and then my hair will regress back to its natural state. So I guess we will see then if the pills are also helping the texture of my hair and not just its survivability!

But for now… for the first time in ever, I have hair that I like and don’t feel that need to hide in a pony tail or bun every day! It’s shiny, and thick and NOT FRIZZY.

I feel I should qualify that last one a bit more… it is not frizzy…




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