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By on 07/31/2015

Walking is Mans Best MedicineHere’s the thing: our society is obsessed with diets, exercises, nutrition, organic this and free range that and green juice this and super food that. We have become inundated with all of these new ideas, foods, plans, books, experts, etc. that all offer extreme advice on the most “unbelievable” new food and the newest “scientific miracle” that will “guarantee” the best results you’ve ever seen!

OK, it’s not that all of these new fads and supplements and ideas are bad. Truth is, our society is still in the middle of a huge health epidemic. We are fatter, more stressed, depressed, tired and sick than ever before. So naturally, we are looking into solutions more than ever, because we are more desperate than ever.

However, maybe we don’t necessarily need them all either…

Less than 100 years ago our nation wasn’t drowning in stress, fat and depression and chronic health problems. We didn’t have all of these “new and amazing” treatments and super foods either. So what was it?

Perhaps we shouldn’t just focus on new and improved health products as our solution. Perhaps we should also take a look backwards. What was different then and what has since broken?

Society’s trends have changed, and with it our health has too.

We no longer slow down. We sit at desks longer. We watch more TV than ever before. We can’t go 5 minutes without looking at our phones. We play less. We cook less. We work more. We sleep less. We interact with electronics almost every moment of every day. 

… you get the idea. At some point in recent history we went from being human to being robots… and you better believe it is affecting us in very negative ways!

My entire point here is…

What if I told you I knew a safe, proven way to lose weight, be happier, get stronger, and reduce health problems and it will only cost you $0, forever?

It has been done for as long as humans have existed and has always reaped the same amazing health benefits.

Scam? Nope. Is there a catch? Nope.

All you have to do is unplug and be human again.

Go outside. Then walk. For a while. Alone or with friends. Talk, meditate, think, pray… give your mind space to breath, give your body a path to walk. Stop smothering your soul with profit driven news, social media, link bait, TV shows, work projects, etc… Go out into the world and exist again.


I know this sounds a bit anti-tech and very “hippy”, but guess what? Modern day science backs this as well.

Don’t believe me?

Here is a short list of the PROVEN benefits of walking daily:

For your physical health

  •  It strengthens your heart
  • It reduces body fat
  • It burns calories
  • It engages multiple muscle groups
  • It helps reduce blood sugar after eating
  • It lowers blood pressure
  • It helps prevent osteoperosis
  • It is low impact and safe for those who cannot run or lift weights due to injury or health problems
  • It boosts your vitamin D levels if you walk during the day

For your mental health

  •  It improves memory in seniors
  • It boosts creativity
  • It reduces mental stress
  • It allows the mind to slow down and embrace the moment, allowing clarity of thought
  • It releases endorphins which help fight depression and increase happiness


Got it? Walking is free, easy, and SO VERY GOOD FOR YOU!

Please just try it. I promise you will love the way you feel, and all of the electronics will be right there waiting for you when you return. You won’t miss out on anything, but you will gain a massive improvement in your quality of life and you may just end up deciding that a quiet walk is far more enjoyable than another half an hour not moving and staring at a screen.

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