What is Dichrostachys glomerata (DG)?

By on 02/17/2016
Dichrostachys glomerata

Dichrostachys glomerata (aka DG) is an ancient (and beautiful) spice that has been used for centuries for cooking and medicine by natives and natural healers in Cameroon, Central Africa.

But who cares about that, right?

It has, however, recently become incredibly popular among the western science community, as it has shown amazing results in the lab…

reducing blood sugar and encouraging weight loss!

Now we have your attention, don’t we?

Need proof? In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 318 participants, those who took DG showed remarkable results in weight loss and body-size reduction in an eight week time frame. At the end of the study, the DG group lost an average of 24.5 pounds and reduced body fat along with waist and hip circumference over 10 times more than the placebo group.

It’s that good!

As a result of this “discovery” (that has been around forever but just now recognized by the scientific community), DG supplements are popping up everywhere!

Here is the thing. Not all DG extracts are created the same. There are  many sub-par weight loss brands out there that don’t use an effective amount of DG in their product, or use a weaker, diluted version of Dichrostachys glomerata. If you actually want results, look for a product that uses the branded, patented, clinically-guaranteed form of the Dichrostachys glomerata(DG) spice called DygloFit. It is the exact same form of DG used in the clinical studies! Why use anything else?

If you don't see this certified authentic seal, you aren't getting what you paid for.

If you don’t see this seal, you aren’t getting what you paid for.

No matter what your health goal is, it is important that you only consider supplements from trusted brands who are known to use only quality ingredients and never dilute their active ingredients…

However, for weight loss supplements this is even more important. Weight loss is such a popular need and has a massive industry supporting it – an industry that is unfortunately overrun with false-advertising and ineffective, money-wasting products. So be sharp! Read labels, compare ingredients and only choose top brands!

Because it is backed by proven research, a trusted product like Blood Sugar Slim only uses DygloFit at its most effective dosage (400mg) as its core ingredient to guarantee maximum results. That is the kind of quality and effectiveness you need in a weight loss supplement!


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