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By on 10/26/2017

male enhancementWhen it comes to men vs. women, nearly everything is different, right?

One major difference that we want to help with today: Women talk about everything while men would rather discuss very little… especially when it comes to their manhood!

Yes, we are referring to male anatomy and the many problems that can, and do, occur.

While women easily talk to each other about their many bodily issues (and wow do we have so many!), when it comes to men, there is a stigma that talking about their “bedroom” problems is not ok. How is that fair? The truth is many men struggle with one issue or another, and they should be free to discuss it and find answers without judgment!

Let’s break that stigma right now! We write often about female body image and health, weight loss tips, help with menstruation problems, menopause, body after baby and so much more, but we are guilty of not often addressing the other half of the room: men.

Time to talk about Penises. 

men talk penis

There, we said it. Stigma blown out the window. Time to have a grown-up talk!

Men, as it turns out, are very very attached to their penises and enjoy them very much. Even more shocking, their partners do as well! So for everyone’s sake, let’s learn how to keep those penises happy so the men attached to them, along with their partners can fully enjoy its use!

When something isn’t quite right, when a man struggles with penis length, or girth, or inability to get or stay erect, who can he talk to? Where can he get answers?

Most men turn to the internet, and unfortunately are quickly met with a bunch of bogus tips, tools, pill, and contraptions meant to “help” them, but all they really do is help them empty their wallet.

Here is the truth though: some supplements do work! You just have to know how to pick a good one!

How to Determine a Good and Proven Male Enhancement Supplement

  • First, make sure they have a full list of ingredients. Research the active ingredients on a separate website to confirm that they do, in fact, have proven studies showing they help with male enhancement or performance. Our research has shown that you can’t go wrong with Taurine (which helps with growth and enhancement), Quebracho Macho (boosts libido), and Maca Root (increases testosterone).
  • Next, you need to ensure there is proper dosage. Many supplements try to one-up each other by adding MORE MORE MORE of an active ingredient. That’s not how science works though. Your body is only capable of absorbing so much of a certain chemical and the rest either builds up in your system and causes illness/side effects, or it is simply passed out through your urine. Alternatively, too low of a dosage and there really is no point in taking it at all.
  • You also need to consider the route of delivery: Pill, liquid, lotion? Some treatments require “massaging” a cream into the penis, while others require a pill or liquid form. Make sure the supplements you are taking are being given to you in the right form of delivery. For Example 5mg of Taurine taken in pill form has been shown to have massive effects on penis growth, yet if you drink a Red Bull, you are ingesting 1 full gram of Taurine… yet penis size isn’t affected. This is due to the mode of delivery preserving the stability of the ingredient and your body’s ability to absorb it as delivered.
  • Finally, consider where the supplement is manufactured. The US requires strict rules and regulations around drugs and supplements, while other countries do not. Be sure you are only buying from trusted brands who have legitimate manufacturing facilities in countries that support product regulations.


Men, women are always complaining about their body, unhappy with something or embarrassed about something else. It’s not fair that you are held to some other standard. If you are struggling from erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, or wish your penis was larger, that is ok!

These are valid issues and the great news is solutions do exist. Just be sure to please follow our tips of being sure any supplement you buy is safe and proven (this is our personal recommendation: Xcyterin). XCT

Also, talk about it with your partner or a trusted friend. Break the stigma. The second you start talking openly about your concerns, everyone will realize what giant balls you must have to man up and be so brave and confident! A true man indeed! 

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