Your Best New Year’s Resolution? How About Being Realistic!

By on 12/29/2016

New Years ResolutionsDo you make New Years resolutions every year?

If so – How many have you honestly stuck to? How many do you even remember a week later?

The truth is, most New Years Resolutions are failures…

In fact, only 8% of resolutions actually stick… but you can change that!

When it comes to making changes for a better you in the New Year, there are 4 popular ways to make these literal life changing decisions:

  • Quick and hastily when put on the spot
  • Irrationally based on short term feelings
  • While drunk
  • For the wrong reasons (like trying to impress someone else)

Do you see the flaw here?

The goal of a New Years resolution is to better yourself and your life in some way. Well, the truth is you can make a resolution any day of any year – so what is so special about New Year’s?

It seems our general idea of a New Year’s resolution is that it is, indeed, somehow magical or otherwise laced with special New Year pixie dust that will make your resolutions steadfast and true. As a result we tend to aim big. We resolve to lose 50 pounds, or to hike Everest, or finally find true love.. .Or all 3! Huge, big, large and incredibly challenging resolutions… usually thought up earlier in the day on December 31st, before you head off to party and know you have to make up your mind. too many resolutionsUnfortunately, as it turns out, there is no magic in deciding to make a major change on the eve of January 1st of each year. You will not suddenly wake up with an aversion to junk food, or get as excited about the gym as a kid gets about Disney World. On January first, you will wake up the same you.

New Year’s Resolutions That Work

New Year’s resolutions are fun because of the symbolism of the date. It’s a new year. If you start on January 1st and don’t quit on yourself, you can clock a full year of change. How exciting! But to ever see the glory of reaching December 31st and looking back to acknowledge that yes, you did it… you gotta have some forethought, strategy and systems in place to see you through. Our best tips:

  • Be as specific as possible in your goal. Set up mini-goals, or “check-points” to stay motivated and keep the right pace.
  • Be realistic about your resources. Don’t set a goal to pay off $70,000 worth of debt if you only earn $50,000 a year!
  • Be benevolent. If you find yourself unsure of what to change about yourself or your life – commit to helping others.
  • Be accountable. Create a Facebook group of close friends or coworkers who are aiming for the same goals as you. Encourage each other, be honest with each other and use the power of accountability to see you through.
  • Be frugal. Don’t grab every resolution off of that New Year’s shelf and stuff them into your goals bag. They will only bury you. Instead of failing at 5 resolutions, aim to succeed at 1.
  • Be proud. We all need praise and recognition, especially from ourselves! Celebrate and share your small wins. Track your progress. Notice the change in your life you’re looking to create and nurture it.
  • Be honest. Is this goal something you truly want bad enough to do the hard work of getting it? If it was easy or quick, you would have already done it. Are you willing to put in the time and energy?

You can set goals anytime, but how great would it be to say you’re one of the proud 8%! You set, kept and mastered your New Year’s Resolution!

From our Modern Health Project family to yours… Happy New Year’s!

May 2017 be your best yet!

Happy New Year


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